Getting the Most Out of Your Garbage Bin CollectionGetting the Most Out of Your Garbage Bin Collection

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Getting the Most Out of Your Garbage Bin Collection

As the owner of a small fast food joint, I have come to depend upon my local garbage collection service. At first, I just used the bin which had been issued to me by the local council. However, this did not offer the capacity I needed. A business which cooks and serves food will generate a lot of waste. Not only did I have to dispose of all of the packaging and boxes the fresh food came in, I also needed to get rid of the waste created by my customers once they have finished their food. My friend recommended a great garbage collection service who supplied me with large skip bins. They send a contractor around twice a week to collect my garbage and I am really happy with the service.


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3 Considerations When Looking for a Green Garbage Removal Service Provider

Cost, efficiency and reliability are just some of the factors that businesses look at when choosing a rubbish removal service provider. However, how many times have you considered how green a garbage removal provider is? You will be surprised that many people do not confirm whether a garbage removal service provider conforms to environmental preservation efforts. Most importantly, if you are going to dispose all manner of waste from your premises, it is good to find out what green practices your service provider intends to apply; however, it only possible to get the right answers by asking the right questions. The questions highlighted in this post should help you to audit a garbage removal service provider concerning green waste management.

Where Do They Take the Garbage?

To most people, domestic waste ends up in landfills. However, with local authorities looking to reduce the amount of waste that goes into landfills, garbage removal companies have been forced to become creative. Notably, if a company takes all its garbage to a dump, then it is not considered to be environmentally friendly. However, if a service provider disposes most of its waste to a recycling plant, then the company is deemed to be green. Therefore, you can contact local recycling plants to confirm whether they liaise with your prospective garbage removal service provider. 

How Much Do They Recycle?

As mentioned earlier, garbage from businesses come in all manner of shapes, sizes and materials. Notably, some waste can be recycled while others cannot; however, the level of waste recycling depends on available technology to some extent. Therefore, it is essential to ask garbage removal firms to state the expected level of recycling on your waste. Ideally, you should be looking to hire a company that targets to recover at least 80% of waste from your household or premise. Most garbage removal service providers provide information on recycling for free on their websites and social media pages.

Do They Handle Hazardous Waste?

Hazardous materials such as asbestos, oils, and lubricants are dangerous to manage. The situation is made much more difficult because some service providers do not have the ability or permission to dispose of some toxic materials. Therefore, it is critical to find out if a waste removal company can handle hazardous waste. Do not just give all your garbage to a service provider and assume that they will know what to do with the dangerous materials. The chances are that some hazardous materials might end up in a landfill if the garbage removal service provider is not licensed to manage such waste.