Getting the Most Out of Your Garbage Bin CollectionGetting the Most Out of Your Garbage Bin Collection

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Getting the Most Out of Your Garbage Bin Collection

As the owner of a small fast food joint, I have come to depend upon my local garbage collection service. At first, I just used the bin which had been issued to me by the local council. However, this did not offer the capacity I needed. A business which cooks and serves food will generate a lot of waste. Not only did I have to dispose of all of the packaging and boxes the fresh food came in, I also needed to get rid of the waste created by my customers once they have finished their food. My friend recommended a great garbage collection service who supplied me with large skip bins. They send a contractor around twice a week to collect my garbage and I am really happy with the service.


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Items Not to Place in a Skip Bin

Hiring a skip bin is a handy way to get rid of rubbish. You may be renovating your kitchen and need to throw out old cabinetry and flooring. Or you might be landscaping and want to dispose of soil and trees. If you're moving house, you might decide to declutter and get rid of old furniture and appliances rather than pay to have them moved to your new place.

When hiring a skip bin, make sure to pay attention to what is allowed in each skip. Some are designed for general waste, but others are for specific things such as dirt or building rubble. So choose what is appropriate for your needs. Regardless, here are some items that you should never place in a skip bin as they require special processing.

Paint Tins

You shouldn't throw old paint tins in the skip or your regular rubbish bin. Paint contains chemicals that can harm people and the environment. In the skip, the paint can spill out and contaminate other objects. Instead, look on the internet for a dedicated paint recycling or disposal site to bring the tins to. If you have spray or aerosol paint cans, check with your state government sustainability or environmental website to see how to dispose of these also.


Another material you shouldn't dump in a skip bin is asbestos. This was used as insulation in some buildings before the 1980s. Its removal requires special packaging and handling. Government websites in your state will have information on how to get rid of asbestos.

Fire Extinguishers and Chemicals

Fire extinguishers contain hazardous chemicals, so you need to take them to a specialist site if you want to get rid of them. Plus, weed killers, household cleaners and other chemical-laden items shouldn't be put in a skip bin as they can contaminate other objects. Additionally, you shouldn't put these things in your general rubbish bin or pour them down the sink, as they can spoil the waterways and landfills. Check with your local government on how to correctly dispose of them.

Gas Bottles and Oil Heaters

Other things that you shouldn't put in skip bins are gas bottles and oil heaters. A gas bottle can potentially explode at any moment, even when empty. With an oil heater, the oil needs to be removed and disposed of at an appropriate detox site. Again, check with your state government for the right designated places.

For more information on skip bins, contact a company near you.